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A Reporter Dies In Libya


Photojournalist Tim Hetherington, co-director of an Oscar-nominated documentary about U.S. troops in Afghanistan, has been killed in the Libyan city of Misrata.  Several other journalists have been reported injured, some perhaps fatally.

Hetherington was 41 years old, and a native of the United Kingdom.  Fox News reports the last message in his Twitter feed, from Tuesday, said “In besieged Libyan city of Misrata.  Indiscriminate shelling by Qaddafi forces.  No sign of NATO.”

Qaddafi’s forces have been laying siege to Misrata for weeks, an action that President Obama, along with British Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, specifically called on the regime to halt in the open letter they published last week. 

The trailer for Hetherington’s Afghanistan documentary, Restrepo, appears below.


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