Americans Taking Back Their Country With Committees of Safety

The History of Committees of Safety
Committees of Safety, or like elements, existed throughout the history of colonial America.  Though known by various names (Committees of Protection, Associations, or, as the case in Plymouth Colony, an unnamed civil body politic, and, in Jamestown, simply governing council), they all had the characteristic of being a civil localized government.

In the early eighteenth century, Committees of Safety were quite common, especially on the frontiers.  The Committee would appoint watchmen, hog reeves, fence reeves, and, militia officers.  These are functions that were taken on by more organized governments, in some towns, though were common through most of the colonies.

Committees served, primarily, to fill in gaps that were left by existing colonial and county governments, providing services that were otherwise unavailable. C.o.S. Address many areas which today are handled poorly by our local, state, and federal government.

What roles are Committees of Safety playing now?

Events such as Hurricane Katrina, as well as the possibility of man made disasters, are potential threats to the security, safety, and well-being of our families and our communities and in turn our country as a whole. Suppose there was some sort of event that affected food supply, utilities, water, or otherwise threatened your safety.  Through your Committee you have in place, you have a cooperative with which to share needed resources and provide support to all those in need in your community.

In the aftermath of an event like Katrina, if a Committee existed in a community, the people in that community would be able to organize and help each other instead of all struggling separately.

The committee is a resource for times of crisis as well as an answer to every day challenges our communities face. C.o.S. is an ideal place from which launch programs to help those in need. 
If a Committee exists your community, and you are a member, then your family is also a member. Your children learn to watch out for and be involved in their own community. Your family becomes part of a bigger family and starts to remember what it means to be an American! Members of Committees arrange crucial everyday needs and facilitate help like roof repairs, yard maintenance, job referrals, grocery delivery etc., for those in need.  These actions encourage friendship, improve the quality of the neighborhood, and bring back the neighborly attitude that prevailed in this country, many decades ago.  This results in reduced crime, safer streets and communities, and, a reaffirmation of our rights, freedoms, and liberty.

Committees of Safety are quite able to fill in where government fails to provide, at least for those who see the need, join, and, participate in saving America one neighborhood at a time. Our neighborhoods belong to us just as our country belongs to us, it is time we all start acting like it. If you see a need in your neighborhood and your country please join, promote, and facilitate Committees of Safety and start taking back our country. Our communities and our countries need our hearts and our hands to rebuild.