Why Chris Christie's Low National Name Recognition Can Be a Good Omen For Newt Gingrich

Last week, Gallup released a poll that found that a majority of Americans did not know who New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is.

Among the chattering class and political establishment, these numbers probably came as a shock, but it represents the disconnect that is often found between what is relevant in Washington, D.C. and the rest of the country.

So how can this be good news for Newt Gingrich going forward?

As Matt Lewis of The Daily Caller pointed out in a recent post, despite the constant talk about Gingrich’s personal past among the beltway chattering class, Gingrich has been getting favorable press after holding local events, outside the beltway glare.

This past weekend, Gingrich held some events in Georgia in which he said kids should be required to study the ‘Creator’ in the Declaration of Independence.

Going forward, Gingrich could reclaim his mantle as “the ideas guy” and perhaps advocate local ideas for different localities, and this could serve as a counterweight to the narrative that may be written about him in D.C.

In fact, it is the same strategy President Obama seems to be taking this week with a host of local tv interviews and Facebook townhall events in key swing states such as North Carolina, Indiana, and Virginia.