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Muslim Leader Zuhdi Jasser: Islam must clean up its own (radical) side of the street.


Does the Muslim Problem Need a Muslim Solution?

Muslim Leader Zuhdi Jasser: Islam must clean up its own (radical) side of the street.

Islam, reform thyself!

As in, right now.

That’s what Zuhdi Jasser, the president and founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, had to say when he stopped by the HUMAN EVENTS office to discuss radical Islam.

Jasser, himself a devout Muslim as well as an M.D., testified at Rep. Pete King’s much-publicized hearings on the radicalization within the Islamic community.  Jasser argues that most Muslims renounce terrorism, but that those voices are drowned out by the boisterous platforms coming from the contemptuous likes of the Muslim Students’ Association and the Islamic Society of North America, among other organizations.

HUMAN EVENTS Editor Jason Mattera sat down with Jasser for a three-part interview.  And after you watch the interview, we want to know what you think of Jasser’s premise: that the broad mainstream adherents of Islam are peaceful and restrained, but marginalized by vocal elements within the Muslim community.

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Part 1.  The Muslim Problem Needs a Muslim Solution:

Part 2.  Separating Mosque & State?

Part 3.  Muslim Engagement is Difficult:


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