Firefighters Union Threatens to Disrupt Palin-Breitbart WI Tea Party Saturday

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Andrew Breitbart, John Fund and several others including Josiah Cantrall will headline a tea party rally tomorrow in Madison, Wisconsin.


The Wisconsin firefighters union is planning on disrupting the event.

  Here’s the announcement:

Saturday, April 16 State Capitol 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. Leave Station #1 at 11 a.m. (Call J.R. for more info at 216-****)

Come one, come all, hear the call to . . .DUMP TEA! DUMP PALIN!

Please share widely.

The puppets are coming, the puppets are coming! Corporate puppets Sarah Palin and “Americans” for “Prosperity” are rallying at our Wisconsin State Capitol on 4/16.  

BRING PUPPETS — sock puppets, hand puppets, marionettes, shadow puppets, finger puppets and muppets!  

BRING LIBERTY BELLS — that means cowbells, dinner bells, doorbells, jingle bells, you name it, and let’s ring in Wisconsin’s independence from corporate rule!

Let’s show ’em how we really feel about big corporations passing the tax burden on to the rest of us!

Liberty bells? Kathy sent this to me earlier:

The Wisconsin Tea Party tomorrow at the State Capitol (Palin and Breitbart and John Fund coming – we’ll miss YOU) is being threatened for disruption by the Madison Firefighters.

Of course the WIunion hashtag is all a twitter calling in teachers and other union members to come and disrupt the Taxed Enough Already tax day rally.

But it gets scary when the firefighters (and most likely police and sheriffs and city attorneys and judges….sigh) join in.

It makes you worry about being fairly protected by city and county services, ya know? Anyway – thinking of you and all the hard work you’ve done for this crazy state. I think it’s a bellwether for 2012.

Be careful out there tomorrow– Make sure you bring your cameras!