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Shades of Gray: Evangelicals (Donald Trump?) and Mitt Romney

David Brody, at the Christian Broadcasting Network, interviewed Donald Trump and had this observation about how Trump may appeal to Evangelicals:

Brody File analysis:

Donald Trump has piqued the interest of some Evangelical leaders. His bold talk is something conservative Christians like to hear. Remember, Evangelicals tend to operate in a world of biblical absolutes. Their world is very black and white. Not many shades of gray.

That’s how Trump sees the world, too. A match made in “Heaven?”

Of course, the tension between Mormons and Evangelicals will be one subtext of a GOP primary in which one (or two) Mormons will seek to gain the nomination from a party whose most fervent, base supporters tend to be Evangelicals.

So I could not, along with many others on Twitter, help but notice in light of Brody’s observations about how Evangelicals tend to operate in a “black and white” world, that the background for Mitt Romney’s website is … gray.

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