A Guide To Understanding the Obama Budget Speech


Here are some words you’ll hear the President use today, and their actual meaning in English:

Share = give to government

Responsibility = federal spending

As I have always said = forget what I said in 2006

Let me be clear = forget what I’m about to say

Job creation = subsidies for top Democrat contributors

Deficit reduction = tax increases

Balance = tax increases

Win the future = tax increases

Investment = tax increases

Energy independence = tax increases

Fiscal accountability = tax increases

Our shared values = tax increases

Bipartisanship = tax increases

Sanity = tax increases

Tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans = smaller government

Unfair sacrifices by middle class, elderly, children = smaller government

Courage to change = willingness to submit to high taxes

The wealthy = anyone capable of hiring someone else for a permanent job

Strengthening Medicare = strengthening ObamaCare

Burdens on the middle class = freedom for the middle class

Burdens on seniors = freedom for the middle class

Vision for the future of America = 2012 re-election campaign

Some would argue = death to all straw men!

False choice offered by my opponents = an argument no one is actually making

Working Americans = union members

Voices of doom and negativity = Paul Ryan