Reid: Planned Parenthood Matters More Than the Troops


In a stunning admission of Democrat policy priorities, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid admitted today that Democrats are preparing to shut down the government to protect funding for Planned Parenthood.  That includes paying the salaries of our troops, who are explicitly less important to Democrats than abortion funding, according to Reid.

Reid previewed some of his deep thoughts in an encounter with CBS News outside the Capitol this morning, which you can watch here.

“I’m not going to be part of that.  I won’t do it,” said Reid of efforts to shut off federal funding to the nation’s largest abortion provider.  He also made it clear this could be the “one issue” that shuts down the government, and waxed poetic about how important taxpayer-subsidized Planned Parenthood services are to his family.  Harry Reid is a multi-millionaire, who obtained much of his vast fortune through shady land deals.

As reported by Fox News, Reid “said negotiators agreed to a final number of $38 billion in cuts for the fiscal year that is now more than half over.”  That’s roughly 3% of the current budget deficit, and about a penny on every dollar the government will spend this year.  The Democrats were willing to bring their beloved super-government to the edge of a “shutdown” over that paltry exercise in fiscal restraint… but even that is less important than keeping those Planned Parenthood dollars flowing.

“It is an ideological battle.  It has nothing to do with fiscal,” Reid confessed.  That’s not entirely true.  Planned Parenthood funnels a lot of those taxpayer subsidies back to the Democrat Party as campaign contributions and various politically useful activities.  They’re a billion-dollar company that gets over $360 million per year in government grants and contracts. 

As Representative Mike Pence (R-IN) said in a recent National Review column, they’ve been trying to reinvent themselves as an upscale boutique to attract a wealthier clientele.  “While taxpayers underwrite its operations,” Pence explained, “Planned Parenthood is building luxury health centers in shopping centers and malls, designed by marketing experts with touches such as hardwood floors, muted lighting, and large waiting rooms.”  They’re free to rebrand and remodel themselves any way they like.  There is no reason taxpayers should be compelled to give them a nickel to do it.

This is an operation that has been caught on tape giving advice to pimps on how to evade the law and obtain abortions for underage prostitutes.  They’ve been caught lying about the services they provide.  There is a word for people who would hold the operation of the entire government and military hostage to protect the bottom line of Planned Parenthood.  That word is extremist. 

In its report on Reid’s amazing floor speech, Fox News explains that defunding Planned Parenthood is “central to the argument made by Republicans that government is paying for programs it has no business being in – namely, abortions – and it’s driving the debt into the stratosphere.”  They won that argument conclusively today, at least with any American still capable of independent thought.

Update: Sorry about the first incarnation of this post… I wanted to embed the CBS video, but their embed code didn’t seem to work out very well.  I changed it to just a link to their site.  I guess I had to post the code to find out what was in it.