Obama's Billion-Dollar Campaign

By most accounts the 2008 Obama campaign spent an unprecedented $750 million and as he kicks off his re-election effort, his efforts are expected to top a staggering $1 billion, even though at this time there isn’t even expected to be a significant primary challenger. Of course this president has been in campaign mode since he stepped into the Oval Office. Or have you not noticed the ubiquitous “Winning the Future” signs everywhere he goes?

This fundraising effort will dwarf anything a Republican candidate can muster and demolishes the weak claim by Democrats that the GOP is the “party of the rich,” and further renders last fall’s whining about “special interest” money going to Republicans a bit hollow. Team Obama will be going hard after big-money contributors since many of those small money contributors are begging out this time around: “One was Amanda Geno, 30, of New Haven, Conn., who said OFA’s relentlessly cheery and generic e-mails during the president’s first year seemed too “disconnected from reality.” Obama might win her back in 2012, Geno said, if he repairs his “message problem” and if the campaign explains in detail what supporters helped accomplish.”

A disconnect from reality is what his 2012 campaign will be all about. He can’t possibly run on the economy, $4 a gallon gas, inflation, food price increases and the trillions in deficits he’s amassed in record time.

It stands to reason that a sitting president with no primary opponent facing a currently splintered GOP field would spend less this time around. It speaks volumes he’s got to ante it up to a billion dollars. Consider he’s got the bully pulpit, he would show up for a can opening if it gave him free airtime, and he’s got plenty of free advertising ready to go. Factor in  he’s also got nearly every media outlet and union in his back pocket and  that adds up to plenty of in-kind contributions. You can assume the editorials supporting him next October have already been written; there may be a slight bit of editing necessary to fit events at the time, but do you believe for a second most major newspapers won’t be endorsing him?

No matter who the eventual GOP nominee is, you can also be assured a negative media blitz upon that candidate will ensue immediately after he or she secures the nomination. So Obama can sit back until the post-convention period in 2012 and unleash a media blitz unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

If you’re sick of him now, you haven’t seen anything yet. Obama may be in a weak position in the polls and who knows how much gas will cost come October 2012. But it won’t matter when his big-money campaign and his pom-pom media shift into overdrive. They’ll have you believe we’re living in the most robust economy the nation has even seen. Get ready for the alternate reality.