AUDIO: News In a World Without a Katie

Let’s face it, people.  CBS is an utter mess.  They have Perv-man Dave in late night, Old Bumpkin Bob on Sundays, a pack of zeroes every morning, and a little show you may have heard of that was just canceled, called Two and a Half Men.  Oh, that’s right; we almost forgot about that nitwit Katie Couric posing as the CBS Evening News Anchor.  Maybe the network really IS being run out of the Sober Valley Lodge!  What an unmitigated disaster.  Perhaps that’s about to change?  Probably not, but the word on the street is that the Perky Failure will soon be out of the anchor chair, and instead will be found selling merchandise in the CBS Gift Shop.  But, who can replace such a living, breathing, institution of excellence?  Who will ask people what newspapers they read?  Only FRX knows, and if you click the player below, you’ll know too.

Fox and Rice Experience: News In A World Without A Katie by HumanEvents