Wisconsin Supreme Court Election Today


Today brings the hotly contested vote for a Supreme Court seat in Wisconsin, where union-backed Democrat JoAnne Kloppenburg is trying to unseat incumbent Republican David Prosser.

This used to be a fairly low-key, non-partisan race, in which Prosser was expected to coast to victory.  That was a long time ago, and Kloppenburg’s ridiculous assertions that she’s the one who will bring jurisprudence “based on the law and facts free of political and personal bias” are an insult to the intelligence of Wisconsin voters.  The vile ads put together by union front groups to make Prosser radioactive, by accusing him of collusion with the Catholic Church to protect a pedophile priest 30 years ago, are an insult to the voters’ dignity.  Here’s the victim of that long-ago crime, Troy Merryfield, to tell you how he feels about being “victimized” again by the Kloppenburg campaign:

Wisconsin voters apparently don’t mind having their intelligence and dignity insulted, any more than they mind watching their brave Democrat state senators flee to Illinois motel rooms instead of representing them.  The race between Prosser and Kloppenburg is said to be extremely close, which is not good news for the incumbent. 

Union political operative Maryann Sumi, who works a part-time job as a circuit court judge, has used absurd technicalities to delay implementation of Governor Scott Walker’s budget reforms until after this election.  She’s just so gosh-darn busy that she won’t be able to get back to the case for a couple of months.  Why, she barely found a moment to wedge a pencil into her sweaty fist and write a temporary restraining order three times!

If Wisconsin Republicans and independents – along with any registered Democrats who aren’t prepared to throw away their state’s future to keep union bosses rolling in dough – don’t wake up and get to the polls for Prosser today, the unions will have succeeded in first ignoring, and then reversing, a lawful election that didn’t go their way.  Anyone who didn’t think it could come to this should watch that Troy Merryfield video again. 

 Decency, common sense, the principles of limited government, and democracy itself are no obstacles to a massive and disciplined public union machine.  They’re not about to give up the “collective bargaining” tools they need to take back any small concessions they make today, and most of all, they’re not going to give their compulsory members any choice about funding their political crusades.  The union dues must flow.

If you’re a Wisconsin voter, those are the stakes today.  Vote, and you might be able to salvage your last chance to have a say in the future of your state.  Stay home, and your future will be decided for you.  You won’t like what the union bosses have in mind.  Today might be the last day anyone cares about the opinion you expressed at the polls in 2010.