Liberals, as Expected, Write Off the GOP Budget as 'Radical'

Maybe liberals do understand that this nation has prosperity-crushing government spending as well as a fragile economy that’s teetering on disaster.

Perhaps they understand that Americans are overtaxed, working 102 days per year just to pay off the burdens of taxation.

Are they finally willing to have an adult conversation about our insolvent entitlement programs?

Ha.  Fat chance.  The likelihood that liberals had an ounce—just an ounce—of sincerity about solving this nation’s unfathomable fiscal crisis before we careen off a cliff went up in the same smoke that billowed from Cheech and Chong’s bong.

Before they even had an opportunity to digest what is in Rep. Paul Ryan’s much-anticipated 2012 budget proposal, the Left descended to their rote talking points and demagoguery.

Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne carped that “Americans are about to learn how much is at stake in our larger budget fight, how radical the new conservatives in Washington are, and the extent to which some politicians would transfer even more resources from the have-nots and have-a-littles to the have-a-lots.”

Another Washington Post hack, Ezra Klein, groused that “what Ryan has here isn’t so much a plan to control spending as a plan to cut spending, whatever the consequences.”  What happens if we remain on the current trajectory where our nation’s debt continues to balloon uncontrollably?  What about those consequences, Ezra?  Let’s give him some time to think about it. 

Lefty rag Talking Points Memo took to scaring seniors and poor folks, as if we haven’t seen that card played before.  “Low-income Medicaid beneficiaries will lose their guaranteed benefits altogether,” TPM griped, adding more mischaracterization by arguing that the “GOP budget will propose to overhaul the tax code in a way that reduces the burden on the wealthy and increases it on the poor and middle classes.”

Oh, and a Princeton professor called the GOP budget plan “radical,” the kind of radical that the ivies despise: freedom, limited government, and choice. 

Liberals, of course, are going bananas over the Republican budget because it seeks to restrict government activism into the private sector and thus erodes the Left from exerting undue influence over how Americans live their lives.

As Human Events reported, the budget would cut more than $5 trillion in spending over the next 10 years, cap government spending to a percentage of the gross domestic product, reform the way Medicaid and Medicare are administered, and lower the corporate and individual tax rates.

The Democrats’ plan to solve America’s woes?  Billions more in boondoggle spending projects financed by … you!


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