Government Agencies Attack an Honorable Marine and His Family


Imagine you are a United States Marine. You can trace your families’ proud military service back to the civil war. You have answered your call of duty in a nasty world of unrelenting sand, sleeplessness and the constant threat of I.E.D.s, small arms fire and suicide bombings. After eight years of service you return home as an Iraq war veteran with a flawless military service record. You have a loving family and are still devoted to protecting your country. The only problem is you have an estranged wife who makes repeated wild and disturbing accusations. You have a daughter you love and try to maintain a relationship with, but she is used as a weapon by a bitter woman with a troubled past.

Imagine having your house searched and personal effects, like your deceased grandfather’s flight helmet he gave you when you were six years old, confiscated because it was deemed “dangerous military equipment.” The only previous trouble you have ever had is a single speeding ticket and you suddenly face charges that dictate a life sentence. Charges based on an accusation, not evidence. Your family is ripped apart by the Department of Human Services in Oklahoma and, to add insult to injury, terrorized by the local law enforcement and Federal officers. Your mother is even forced to listen to officers of the law plan your death! You are placed in a position of mortal fear and defense, causing your parents to mortgage the family farm and cash in all their savings. 

Welcome to the world of Sergeant Charles Dyer.

The violations of this Marine’s civil rights are numerous and enraging. Sergeant Dyer continues to suffer, as do those that know and love him. He has a long term girlfriend whose child was kidnapped by the Department of Human Services in Oklahoma . She was taken six months after the charges were placed for the simple reason of intimidation because Sgt. Dyer refused to admit to the state’s allegations. DHS even said that if he would just admit he was guilty they wouldn’t get the District Attorney involved to issue an emergency protective order. The innocent child was held in the terrifying world of foster care for 30 days. The Department of Human Services did all of this after stating that an interview had determined that the child was in “no imminent danger”. After being denied a just hearing, the child’s mother was forced to agree to leave the state in order to regain custody of her child. Despite the total lack of valid evidence against the accused, sergeant Dyer has been told by Department of Human Services in Oklahoma that even after he is declared innocent at his upcoming trial, he is never allowed to be around children again because he will have a “history”. Read that again, even after he is acquitted, he will still be punished!

Excuse Me? Guilty after proven innocent?

Sergeant Dyer’s true crime was making a few public speeches about liberty, and truth, and the corruption of our government. These patriotic speeches have been used against him in every step of this ordeal. This man is the most pure form of a patriot. His words and his actions have been dedicated to our country and our people. Doesn’t this mean he deserves to at least have the basic rights we are all endowed with and that are protected by our Constitution? The government agencies of Oklahoma and the United States have treated him more poorly and with less respect than we treat terrorists and serial killers. He has been pursued into a courthouse hallway and screamed at by the very judge that is hearing his case! Even his military medals and awards were attacked by the prosecutor at a previous hearing. This decorated Marine has had repeated, specific and deliberate violations of his 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th amendment rights. Blatant violations! Is this really what we can now expect from our justice system?

Sergeant Dyer is currently seeking legal counsel to address these violations so that they will not be endured by others. To date, however, he has not been able to find a lawyer with enough conviction and integrity in Oklahoma to take his civil case against those that have trampled his rights. The evidence is clearly in his favor and could possibly earn a king’s ransom in a civil trial.  The attorneys he has spoken to have not refused his case because they don’t think he has been injured. They have refused because they are afraid to “take on the government.” How strong has tyranny grown when it can stop a lawyer from pursuing big money?

This moment is where we each have to ask ourselves, where do we draw the line? When do we stop allowing government agencies that hold themselves above the law and the police state to steal our liberty and our dignity from us?  When do we, as Americans, say There will no more abuse of power and there will be no more violations of our rights?

Review the facts of Sergeant Dyer’s case, not the media’s dramatic depiction. Search through all information you come across. Compare the accusations against him with the true and undeniable evidence available. Printed words have no true meaning without facts to back them up, so be wary of assuming anything. After you become frustrated at the lack of hard evidence against this man, ask yourself about the phrase innocent until proven guilty. Then ponder how one can legally be punished even after innocence has been established!

There is not enough room in an article such as this to fully show the extent of the criminal behavior of authorities involved in this matter. Sergeant Dyer knows that he has been pursued by a fearful justice system because of his patriotic statements. When one looks at the evidence (or lack thereof) in his case, it is obvious that, had he been a quiet follower and sheep to the system, he would have already been exonerated. Today you have read Sergeant Dyer’s story of persecution. Unless we all draw a hard line in the sand, tomorrow someone may read yours.

Below is a link to find out more information about this American patriot and U.S. Marine.