The Obama Re-Election Video


The economy is in shambles.  Deliberate Administration energy policy has left us with gas prices approaching four dollars per gallon, and a hopeless dependency on foreign oil.  Millions of jobs have been not merely lost, but destroyed.  Billions of tax dollars have been wasted on various boondoggles that had no visible benefit, except making the President’s cronies filthy rich.  The deficit has been blown into the stratosphere through irresponsible spending, but after making their call for fiscal restraint crystal clear in the historic 2010 midterm elections, the American people were slapped in the face by a dead-fish budget proposal that included billions in new spending.  Two weeks after bypassing both Congress and the American people to start a war – in a move that has America’s dwindling population of honest liberals muttering about impeachment – the President is talking about walking away and declaring “mission accomplished” with the dictator still in power, and regime forces making gains on the battlefield.

With the world going down in a shower of flaming debris around him, President Obama has done little but play golf, enjoy lavish vacations, and raise political funds.  Today a stunned electorate gets to taste the fruit of his fundraising efforts, as President Barack Obama proudly rolls out his first 2012 re-election campaign video!

The video was rolled out through the President’s website,, formerly used to organize foot soldiers for ugly and violent union protests in Wisconsin.  Now it greets visitors with the new campaign video, surrounded by links to donate money and provide the President’s vast political operation with your email address, so you can receive important action alerts when Obama’s key constituencies feel like they’re in trouble and need a flash mob.

The video is notable for its lack of any appearance by President Obama himself.  Instead, it’s a pile of little bonbons of love, admiration, and support from the happy constituents who have given the President his 42% approval rating.  They don’t talk about any “achievements” – not even the President’s most dedicated and highly paid spin doctors were about to try that.  Instead, they gush over how they still feel the old “hope and change” magic, and how much they adore the President personally. 

It’s a recruiting video for a cult of personality.  The fully operating thetans of the Obama fan base are so excited about the upcoming re-election campaign that it’s all they can do to restrain themselves from standing outside their neighbors’ bedroom windows in the dead of night, holding signs that say “WE’VE ALWAYS KNOWN THAT LASTING CHANGE WOULDN’T COME QUICKLY OR EASILY.”  They’re luminous with the perpetual wonder of people standing in line for a Charlie Sheen concert performance with expensive tickets gripped in their fists.

The President’s campaign staff wisely infused this video with the one sentiment everyone in America shares about Obama, which is astonishment that he somehow found his way into the Oval Office.  One poor fellow, eyes wide with the expression of a man whose electric car battery just died in the middle of a blizzard, assures the viewer that “I don’t agree with Obama on everything, but I respect him and I trust him.”  This echoes the sentiments of Mother Jones writer Kevin Drum, who explained his remarkable willingness to forget everything he ever said about George Bush and Iraq, in order to embrace Obama’s Libyan adventure, by saying “the reason I voted for Obama in 2008 is because I trust his judgment.  And not in any merely abstract way, either: I mean that if he and I were in a room and disagreed about some issue on which I had any doubt at all, I’d literally trust his judgment over my own.”  Unquestioning obedience is the new hotness, kids!  Catch the fever!

Perhaps sensitive to the Stepford vibe generated by all these expressions of uncritical devotion, the political team ends the video with a woman saying the word “individual” a lot.  She might be one of the individuals who enjoys an ObamaCare waiver, and thus does not have to worry about being fined or jailed for disobeying any of the thousands of regulations in the President’s health care scheme. 

On the whole, I’ve got to rate this first video of the Obama 2012 “I’m Not Finished With You Yet” re-election campaign a disappointment.  It’s too short to be good Mystery Science Theater 3000 material, and it’s not nearly as entertaining as the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s recent stab at producing an Obama re-election advertisement.  I expect more from you next time, unicorn wranglers!