Metaphors for Palin, Cain, Daniels and the GOP From the Mens's and Women's Final Four

In the spirit of the Final Four, The New York Times wrote an article on the animosity between Kentucky’s John Calipari and UConn’s John Calhoun. This paragraph caught my eye:

Friends described the two as more alike than different, both competitive, both self-made, both guaranteed to hold a grudge. Both are also not strangers to N.C.A.A investigations. In another life, Calhoun, the scrappy Irishman who once finished a charity bike ride with broken ribs, and Calipari, the son of an Italian baggage handler from Pennsylvania, might be friends.

In White ethnic neighborhoods, Italians often voted Republican because the Irish voted Democrat. Ronald Reagan united many of these White ethnics, and the next Reagan will do the same not only with White ethnics but with new minority groups — such as Asians and Hispanics — who are assimilating and making their way into the middle class.

Getting ready for the Final Four, here’s a piece I wrote about how Mitch Daniels is similar to Butler and famed “The Butler Way.”

If there is a candidate that can learn from VCU’s surprising run, I think that candidate is Herman Cain. Cain’s key will be to get hot and build momentum like VCU did when many in the media and establishment think he does not belong in the race and continue to not take him as seriously as other candidates who have performed more poorly than Cain has in recent straw polls and gatherings.

Lastly, not to ignore the women’s final four, ESPN ran a piece on the importance of point guards in college basketball, particularly on the women’s side. Obviously, this is a metaphor Sarah Palin, a former female point guard, will use should she choose to throw her hat into the 2012 ring.