Recall Petition Against Wisconsin Republican Moves Forward

A War On Taxpayers counter-offensive from Wisconsin is moving forward today, as the Associated Press reports Democrats in La Crosse, Wisconsin claim to have enough petition signatures to begin a recall election against Republican Senator Dan Kapanke.

Kapanke is guilty of voting to restrict the power of public employee unions and curtail their collective bargaining privileges, as part of an attempt to balance the state’s budget without massive layoffs.  For that, he must be stricken from office.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel describes Kapanke as “the state senator most vulnerable to being removed in a recall election, according to academics and other political observers.”  Does that include the “academics” who have been making death threats against Republicans?

 At any rate, local observers think the recall energy is all on the Democrat side.  They predict two or three Republicans might end up being recalled, while none of the fleebagger Democrats is really in serious danger.  This is partly due to the partisan layout of the state, particularly in Kapanke’s case, as his district is described as normally “Democrat-leaning.”

The tax serfs of Wisconsin have begun the process of recalling the people who dared to interfere with “collective bargaining” between the public unions and their wholly-owned political party.  I have a little newsflash for you, folks: the unions aren’t going to allow their members to get laid off, either.  That leaves only one way to resolve the state’s budget crisis.  You won’t like it, but you will submit to it.