Pathetic Indiana Fleebagger Compares Himself With Soldier Going Off to War

Just when you thought these Democrats couldn’t be more self-absorbed, along comes the aptly named Dave Cheatham, an Indiana Democrat state representative. Cheatham was among a group of Democrats who recently fled to Illlinois to avoid doing their jobs. In other words, they cut and ran, the people be damned. Think guys like Cheatham would have your back in a time of need? Don’t count  on it.

So here is Cheatham, obviously a resident of some alternate universe, comparing his supreme act of selfishness to a soldier going off to war (via Hoosierpundit).

Obviously he was speaking to a like-minded audience of simpletons since some people there clapped. But not only is his idiotic comparison of himself to a soldier ridiculous, so is his tale of what some first-grader supposedly said to his wife. Cheatham makes sure to claim his wife doesn’t speak about politics in the class, so it’s curious how a six-year-old would know how to draw such an analogy between a soldier going to war and her husband fleeing the state so as to “make our schools better.” It just doesn’t wash.

Our brave soldiers who go fight wars in foreign lands often make the supreme sacrifice. They are volunteers who don’t have to do it but they are proud to fight for what’s right and stand up for their country. Cretins like Dave Cheatham are the exact opposite. They are cowards and liars. They wouldn’t know what sacrifice, duty and honor are all about. All they’re concerned with is holding on to power and milking taxpayers for more money  they can funnel it to their union thug pals, who in turn transfer it in donations to the cowardly Democrats.

The people of his district should be embarrassed to be represented by this loathsome man.


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