Scott Walker Saves Jobs

The office of Governor Scott Walker issued a Twitter message this morning which read, “More encouraging news. Looks like our budget reforms encouraged more unions to take actions which will avoid layoffs.” 

This was accompanied by a link to a Chippewa Herald article about school district employees voluntarily accepting changes to their contracts, in anticipation of Governor Walker’s budget reforms, currently held in the Phantom Zone by a judge/Democrat activist who keeps scribbling out revised restraining orders against them.  Surely the state Supreme Court will uphold the rock-steady judgment she’s already had to write three times.

These contract modifications helped the district avoid layoffs or program cuts for the 2011-2012 school year.  Is it a bit cheeky of Governor Walker to take credit for saving these jobs?  Why not?  His stated purpose all along has been to avoid layoffs, by reducing the ability of public unions to siphon money out of the public treasury.

One supposes the “Walker = Hitler” crowd would sneer that he doesn’t really mean it, and either doesn’t care about the jobs of public employees, or actively wants to see them on the unemployment line.  This would be either due to his smoldering core of hellspawned evil, or his helpless captivity at the hands of the people who actually have to pay for those union benefits, but should have absolutely no say in how much they cost.

It’s not easy to look past personality in political matters, but it would be wise to make the effort.  Our political culture assigns far too much weight to the alleged motivations behind the deeds of politicians, when we really should focus on the actual results.  In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter if Scott Walker has been speaking from the heart when he says he wants to preserve jobs, if that is the actual, and logical, result of his efforts?  On the other hand, why should we forgive disasters, because the politicians who engineered them supposedly had the highest and most selfless motives?

We’ll always pay attention to these matters, because to some degree politics is always a matter of character and trust.  We should not consent to a government that only works if it’s run by saints.