Dick Durbin and Real Americans

Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) kicked off his hearings on discrimination against Muslims on Tuesday by saying they “face charges that they are not real Americans,” according to a Fox News report.

Durbin’s hearing is meant as a response to Republican Peter King’s hearings on Islamic extremism earlier this month.  King thinks the Durbin hearings are just a “sideshow,” but actually Durbin has already raised some important points.

For example, Durbin said “It’s wrong to blame an entire community for the wrongdoing of a few.”  Boy, I’m glad to hear the Democrats have finally figured that out!  Because they spent the entire month of February doing exactly that, blaming the entire community of conservatives for the shootings in Tucson.  It turned out the shooter wasn’t even part of the conservative community.

It’s also heartwarming to know Democrats now believe it is wrong to charge people with being fake Americans, because they used to do that to the Tea Party incessantly.  I don’t know of any prominent political leaders who have openly questioned the patriotism of all Muslims, but former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was fond of calling Tea Party activists “Nazis,” and said those who protested against the looming threat of government-run health care were “un-American.”  She was joined in this slander by then-Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, who co-wrote a USA Today editorial on the subject with her.  Strangely enough, this column has disappeared from the USA Today archives, but they still have a piece on President Obama refusing to criticize Pelosi and Hoyer for their language archived here.

Durbin himself used to enjoy questioning the patriotism of anyone who opposed socialist programs.  Back in July 2008, when Republicans blocked a bill that would have canceled a cut in Medicare payments to doctors, Durbin sneered, “There will be a lot of talk about patriotism over this Fourth of July weekend,” but “true patriotism means honoring the men and women who defend our freedoms – not just with words and flag lapel pins, but with actions benefitting their great sacrifices.”  Of course, now that Medicare cuts are a key feature of ObamaCare, they’re the height of star-spangled patriotism, if not the very music of Heaven.

The Democrats broadly accuse anyone making over $200,000 a year who opposes tax increases to be a fake American.  It was considered un-American to oppose ending the “Bush tax cuts for the rich.”  Paying high taxes is supposedly the ultimate gesture of patriotism, so attempting to get your taxes reduced must therefore be unpatriotic. 

I look forward to Dick Durbin’s hearings on the false “charges that they are not real Americans” faced by all of these groups.  Also, he should probably look into the people who call American soldiers “Nazis” and accuse them of keeping captured terrorists in “gulags.”  That kind of idiotic slander is a significant threat to national security.