Libyan Rebel Leader to Sarkozy: Thanks Now Get Lost

The Libyan transitional council in opposition-controlled Benghazi formed an interim government, appointing Mahmoud Jibril–shown above shaking hands with French President Nicolas Sarkozy in Paris on March 10 when France officially recognized the oppositon government–their prime minister. (Atlantic Wire)

The leader of the Transitional Council in Benghazi thanked French President Nicolas Sarkozy for his support in Libya and then told him, “Foreign forces” must go. AGI News reported, via ROP:

The insurgents have thanked Nicolas Sarkozy for his armed intervention in Libya, saying “foreign forces” must go. This is the substance of a letter from the head of the Transitional Council in Benghazi, Mahmoud Jibril, to the French President, which said “In the middle of the night, your planes destroyed tanks that were set to crush Benghazi. The Libyan people see you as liberators. Its recognition will be eternal.” Mr Jibril added, however, “we do not want outside forces. We won the first battle thanks to you, but will win the next battle through our own means.”

For the record, the Benghazi region is one of the top recruiting areas for the Al-Qaeda terror network.


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