FAIL- Lib's Big "UnCut" Rallies a Bust

Tax and Spend Liberals Held 40 “Uncut” Rallies Across the US Yesterday. They called it a grassroots rally but only a couple of dozen protesters showed up to support their big government agenda.

The selfish dolts believe that government hasn’t spent enough of your children’s money (tripling the deficit in a year wasn’t enough?) so they held rallies across the US yesterday to Tax the Rich. They either aren’t aware of the fact the the US “rich” already pay the most… Or they don’t care.

Here’s a photo from the Portland rally.

It doesn’t look like quite the turnout they were hoping for, huh?

Even in San Francisco they could only get a couple dozen radical leftists to show up.

No wonder we didn’t hear about these protests in the state-run media.

Better luck next time libs.