VIOLENCE IN LONDON -Union Protesters Throw Ammonia, Paint Bombs at Police

The Met Police said there had been “two significant incidents of violence towards property and police away from the march” –Sky News.

Black-clad union protesters are throwing paint and ammonia bombs at police today in London.

The Washington Post reported:

Police say protesters have thrown paint bombs and light bulbs filled with ammonia at officers in London’s center during a demonstration against budget cuts. London’s Metropolitan Police said Saturday a group of black-clad demonstrators also threw paint bombs at shops and banks on the main shopping streets of Oxford Street and New Bond Street. The group had broken away from a larger march organized by the Trade Union Council to protest against government cuts to public services. Organizers say the main demonstration has attracted at least 100,000 people and is otherwise peaceful.

FOX News just reported that protesters threw “”missiles” at the Ritz Carleton in London.