Trump Needs to Lay All His Cards on the Table

Okay, I’ll bite.  I admit Donald Trump intrigues me as a potential presidential candidate. 

I like what I’ve heard so far from Mr. Trump about his vast understanding of banking, business, and how America is getting the short end of the economic stick from a dramatically inferior China. 

Even though Trump states he is a Republican, I suspect many moderates and even some of those who lean to the political Left would be attracted to his pro-business, accountability platform.

Trump would also attract a certain segment of the American public that is disgusted with and offended by professional politicians knowingly running the country off an economic cliff into bankruptcy.  These disgruntled Americans just might believe Trump is the political Superman who can save America.

Know that smoke-and-mirrors liberals will launch an all-out broadside attack against him.  As a successful businessman who believes in profits, Trump will drive anti-business liberals berserk.  Hell, that’s a powerful sign right there.

Although it’s way early in the presidential campaign for 2012, when a prospective political outsider such as Trump begins talking about running for President, he can only intrigue Americans for so long with limited sound bites. 

As the 2012 campaign begins to gather political steam, Americans will insist on knowing more about Trump’s other core political beliefs and his vision for America.

With unemployment at 10% plus, foremost on the minds of Americans is the economy.  Americans will want to know what policies he will advance to get entrenched government bureaucracies out of the way in order to reduce waste, status-quo redundancy, and unemployment, and to create good-paying jobs and make America more competitive globally.

With many Americans opposed to President Obama’s bureaucratic and expensive Fedzillacare, it would be interesting to hear Trump’s opinion about this legislation.  Does he believe Fedzillacare should be repealed?  If he disagrees with Fedzillacare, how would he reform the beast of health care? 

How about Social Security and Medicare?  Would Trump reform these financially unstable programs, and if so, how?

What are his policies to make America energy-independent?  Would Trump support drilling for energy on the Continental Shelf, in the Gulf of Mexico, in Alaska, and everywhere else?  What is his opinion of green energy and ethanol?  Now with the disaster in Japan, what are his views on nuclear energy?

Everyone tuned in is concerned about the $14 trillion national debt and the runaway annual trillion-dollar deficit spending.  How would Trump address government borrowing and spending?  Does he support a balanced budget amendment?  What other government reforms would he implement?

What would Trump’s foreign policy be?  Would he have committed our military to participate in an attack against Libya, given a time line for pulling our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan?  Would he show real leadership by standing up for a victory strategy instead of an exit strategy?

How about what Trump thinks about immigration, education, terrorism, Iran, government regulations, small businesses, and tax reform?

It’s not critical that Trump begin addressing these issues and others right now, but it soon will be if he continues to stick his toe in the presidential waters.  Sooner or later he’s going to either have to swim in these rapids or step aside.

I’m intrigued with Trump.  I’ll be even more intrigued when he begins to offer us his opinions on his vision for America in 2012 and beyond.

How about it, Mr. Trump?  If you’ve got the goods, you can be a contender.  If not, you’re fired.