Former UN Ambassador: Obama Not Qualified

A group of conservative Republicans and presidential hopefuls met this weekend in northern Iowa.  Former UN Ambassador John Bolton told the audience at the conference that Barack Obama is not qualified to lead.  Bolton has been an outspoken critic of the administration’s dangerous foreign policy since the president took office.

The AP reported:

Bolton told the crowd that Obama doesn’t care enough about national security issues and doesn’t view the world as a threatening place. Bolton also says the U.S. could have made a big difference in Libya, but Obama couldn’t make up his mind on which steps to take.

Several potential GOP presidential candidates also spoke during the event in Des Moines. Iowa Congressman Steve King says he organized the event to allow conservatives to shape the debate as Republicans begin seeking an opponent for Obama.

This weekend Obama told the American people in his Weekly Address that we are succeeding in Libya.  Unfortunately, Al-Qaeda believes they are succeeding too.


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