Addressing Libya


One of the most remarkable aspects of the war in Libya is that five days after the beginning of military operations, the President has not addressed the American people. 

He hasn’t addressed Congress either, but rest assured he’s going to bring them into the loop… by calling them individually on the phone.  White House spokesman Jay Carney assured a press conference that Obama “does want to hear their thoughts about the mission, about the situation in Libya, and about our overall policy.”  That sounds like asking the kids what they think about moving to California while you’re driving up the interstate on-ramp in a packed U-haul, and they’re screaming about hating you from the passenger seat.

Carney did allow that His Royal Majesty would consider addressing the American people about the attack “in the very near future,” but would not give us “a time or a day.”  Maybe he’s going to call us individually, the way he’s handling Congress. 

Maybe Obama will be a surprise guest on “Dancing With the Stars,” sweeping onto the stage as the lights dim and giant teleprompters slowly descend from the ceiling, and a fireplace rolls up behind him.  He’ll open with a little joke about the “Tripoli Tap Dance” before asking the audience to give him a few minutes of their time for a chat about why he sent their sons and daughters into harm’s way in Libya, and precisely what they’re risking their lives to achieve.

In all fairness, the President has been very busy lately.  He’s been working hard to create jobs for Brazilians, encouraging them to do all the things he’s ready to defy court orders to prevent American businesses for doing, such as drilling for oil.  A massive re-election campaign is getting under way, and those funds aren’t going to raise themselves.  He’s also got a very active social and leisure life, which is good, because we don’t want him to get burned out.

We can understand why he wouldn’t have time to address the nation about a silly little time-limited goal-limited kinetic military operation.  It’s not something really important, like nationalizing health care.  Remember how he was all over the place, trying to push that down our throats?  He never seemed to have any trouble finding time to talk about ObamaCare. 

In fact, only a few months ago, articles were being written from both Left and Right about “Obama fatigue,” either tactfully suggesting that the President was over-exposing himself, or peevishly telling him to get the hell off our TV screens.  Now he’s vanished completely, and is sending out spokesmen to play coy little games with reporters about when he might favor the electorate with a public appearance.

Is America really content to be treated this way?

Update: Great news!  It looks like we’ll finally get that address on Monday night.