ObamaCare's Biggest (Freeloading) Fan

“This affordable health care act will allow me to take the year off and enhance my skills to further pursue my dream of going to my grandfather’s alma mater.” 

That’s Erick of Michigan State University.  We don’t know Erick’s last name, but we do know that the administration is using him as a prop in order to promote Obama’s hugely unpopular health care law that just hit the one-year mark.

Watch Erick tell us via the White House’s YouTube channel how grateful he is that government-run health care is now the law of the land because it enables him to pursue his “dreams” of becoming a physician.

What, you didn’t get the memo that your tax dollars are going to ensure this dude has plenty of quiet time to study for the MCATS?

But why should any of this come as a surprise?  After all, it was Nancy Pelosi who openly confessed at one press event that she had no clue what was in the proposed health care law, while proudly proclaiming at another press event that struggling artists could quit their day jobs because the U.S. taxpayer was now going to foot their health care bills.

Now we have Obama zombies such as Erick who will laud the passage of the President’s health care law because, as Erick notes in the embarrassing video above, he isn’t obligated to pay for his own medical needs.  Instead, he can punt those costs on to you and me while he burns the midnight candle at the library.

I guess when ObamaCare is killing jobs, ballooning the deficit, bankrupting states, crushing businesses, dropping coverage, and raising insurance premiums, then a Plan B is in order.  And, in this case, it’s highlighting a 20-something-year-old who’s overjoyed to remain on his family’s health insurance until … 26.

“Why would anyone be proud to remain on their parents’ medical plans at the age of 26?” asked Jiesi Zhao, a recent grad at University of California-Berkeley and student activist with Young America’s Foundation.  “Young people should be incentivized to work and to earn their own livelihoods instead of being handed freebies from the government for their laziness.”

That type of self-respect may come as a shocker to Erick of Michigan State University, who almost fell into a trance after he received a personal phone call from Barack Obama to thank the college student for his dedicated support on health care.

“I can’t even describe what just happened to me right now.  That was really him?  You swear to God, that was him?”