Heart (Sarah Palin) vs. Head (Chris Christie)?

Washington Whispers’ Paul Bedard, a well regarded and respected journalist, notes that in a recent Zogby Interactive poll in which Chris Christie was the first choice among those surveyed as the top GOP choice for president were the election held today, Sarah Palin bested Christie as “the candidate who likely GOP voters see representing their views.” As Bedard writes:

The poll was also good news for Palin, who’s been seen on a downward slope of popularity over the past few months. Not only did she best Christie as the candidate who likely GOP voters see representing their views, 17 percent to 14 percent, but she was second to him for who voters would pick today to run against Obama in the general election. And when Zogby removed Christie from the presidential preference poll, she topped the nine others in the field, winning 14 percent of the support.

The always hard to quantify “the candidate who represents my values” or “the candidte who will fight for me” is still the most powerful leading indicator when it comes to voter preferences, and the fact that Palin constantly leads in this category shows the considerable floor that she has over other potential GOP hopefuls.


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