The Coalition Dissolves

Among the stated targets for Allied bombing in Libya are “command and control facilities.”  Days of intense bombing have succeeded in completely destroying command and control.  Unfortunately, it’s our command structure that’s falling apart.

The UK Daily Mail takes stock of the grim carnage: German is actually withdrawing ships and planes from NATO in order to avoid being swept into Operation Odyssey Dawn.  Obama wants to hand the operation over to what’s left of NATO, but Turkey says it will not allow that.  Italy says it will take back the airbases it has committed to the effort, “unless a NATO coordination structure was agreed.” 

The Arab League has already vanished, leaving behind a hastily scribbled note that it still really totally supports the operation it demanded, but it didn’t realize that aerial bombardments occasionally kill people, so it’s going to hang out in the basement and listen to some old Tori Amos albums for a while until it finds a way to cope. 

British cabinet ministers have said the Libyan operation could last “up to 30 years,” but that’s a worst-case scenario.  They’ll have a better idea of how long it could last “in a week,” and may be prepared to fine-tune their estimate 31 years from now.  When the British government floated the idea that we could wrap things up a lot faster by targeting Qaddafi, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates “hit back at the suggestion” by calling it “unwise.”

The French want to resolve all this by forming a committee.

It looks as if liberals will have to quietly flush the “Obama is a genius of international diplomacy” talking point, which was silly anyway.  It’s as dead as the “whole world loves us now” and “Muslims respect Obama” narratives.  (Imagine George Bush snapping these photos the day after launching a military campaign against a Muslim country, which Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has already taken to calling a “crusade.”)

The speed of the Coalition’s disintegration is not even a sign of average diplomacy.  How could Obama have launched an operation like this without, at a minimum, making sure it wouldn’t tear NATO apart in less than a week?

“Odyssey Dawn”

(to the tune of “Delta Dawn” by Tanya Tucker)

Odyssey Dawn

What’s that flower you have on

Could it be a broken coalition from days gone by?

And did I hear you say

Everyone else pulled out today

To leave us all alone up in the sky?