True Americans

Islam is an ideology masquerading as a religion, protected in this country by political correctness run amuck, pretending that Islamic Sharia law is superior to United State’s constitutional law, its radicals hiding behind its moderates, moderates who do not endorse brutal murder and hatred out right but who — almost without exception — fail to forcefully oppose or fight against it.

In our country today with all of its political correctness, anyone who publicly opposes anything Islam is accused of blaming all the Islamists for the actions of a few, of stoking the fires of anti-Islamic prejudice, championing Islamophobia, of accusing moderate Muslims of being radicals, and of harassing good Muslims who, according to President Obama’s reading of history, have contributed so much to the founding of America, and are so true and faithful to its principles.

It would be good to read and to be reminded of the heroic contributions of Muslim soldiers at Valley Forge and Gettysburg, or about their sacrifices and sufferings at Omaha Beach and Iwo Jima. Unfortunately we can’t, because there are none. Yet there are those, like Obama, who would have us apologize for American exceptionalism and successes, for being who we are, and for our reluctance to accept a political system that has no history with us.

Most of us are not ready to throw away all we know to be good, true and decent,  and  to tailor our lives to live in obedience to the dictates of a god we know not, a political ideology that has no history with our constitution, civilization, or the Judeo-Christian principles upon which our nation was founded.

If your heart and mind are not fully devoted to and saturated with things American and its principles, it doesn’t matter where you were born, you will never be a “true” American. If your affections and affiliations are focused in conflicting directions, your actions and decisions cannot help but reveal your inner torment and confusion. While trying to be a loyal American, you will unintentionally conceal from yourself the pull and tug of other loyalties.

You can technically be an American born citizen, but if you were raised by a mother  who had a low regard for America and two fathers of foreign origins and Muslim ideology, and you grew up living overseas in a foreign country and then later moving to the U.S., you will never enjoy the full cultural and educational benefits of knowing what it is to be an American deep down inside your soul.

There is a reason why our Founders insisted that Presidents of the United States be  natural born citizens, citizens who, by nature, are faithful to America’s Constitution and founding principles, those who can be trusted to think and act like real Americans, those who feel a deep connection to this nation and its citizens, so deep that it permeates to the very marrow of their bones and the fiber of their being. There cannot help but be some confusion in Obama’s mind resulting from having been born into such a conflicting set of circumstances, circumstances that automatically produce divided loyalties and focus. That may be why he so often appears to dither, acts tentative, indecisive and faltering.

It is quite understandable. He hasn’t yet overcome the environment of his formative years, the unhelpful influence of his mother and two fathers, his accident of birth and his living in a foreign country as a young boy, all of which precluded him from fully assimilating into mainstream America.

Obama acts like a foreigner; because essentially he is a foreigner. Regardless of what his long form Hawaiian birth certificate says, he can never be a real American. This doesn’t make him a bad person, anymore than being a Frenchman makes him a bad person.

It’s just that our nation finds itself in exactly the situation our Founding Fathers tried to prevent when they wrote the Constitution. I doubt that they could have imagined a situation quite like the one we currently face where we would elect as president someone who was legally and technically an American, but not American in their heart.

Consider that Obama has to personally, inside himself, try to resolve the clash of civilizations that is tearing the world apart. What part of him and his actions on the world stage should be sympathetic to things Muslim, and what part to Christian?

Surely he wants to believe that Islam is a religion of peace, but Muslim terrorist actions don’t support that claim. The horrible, evil, terrorist attacks targeted against our lovely country and its citizens have been initiated and carried out by Muslims, not Episcopalians, Baptists, or Germans.

Some reading these words may feel that they are Islamophobic, and that Muslims reading them may be offended. Well, my life lived has been that of a warrior, one putting his life on the line to protect this great nation and its magnificent freedoms.

So by nature I am inclined to agree with what Patrick Henry had to say about resisting King George III, “If this gives Muslims offense, let us make the most of it.”