George Soros: DemaGoat

You’ve picked George Soros as your DemaGoat. Now, in the comments section below, sound off on why Soros is the perfect DemaGoat. For our user generated cover story, help us write on why George Soros is a threat to conservatives and the nation. Is he a master financier of liberal causes and programs? Is he a puppetmaster trying to devalue the dollar and potentially subverting or destabilizing the United States? What is Soros’s endgame? What makes him a despicable DemaGoat? What can conservatives do to blunt his influence? How can he be stopped? Should more pressure be put on the organizations he funds, such as NPR, Media Matters, and The Center For American Progress? Comment below, and the best comments will be used to write the first user generated cover story in the history of HUMAN EVENTS. We look forward to hearing what you have to say about DemaGoat George Soros!