Pawlenty Forms Exploratory Committee

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty announced the formation of his exploratory committee on Facebook today. 

Team Pawlenty built up the 3 p.m. announcement throughout the day, garnering considerable good press, and then executed the announcement with a well-made video that shows the considerable strength and talents of his new media team.

In the video, a desolute picture of an industrial town is painted, and Pawlenty says that he understands some of the hardships that people may be facing today because he has lived it. The video then turns optimistic and Pawlenty asks viewers to join his team to “restore America.”

Here’s why I think the video was successful. It was powerfully crafted but Pawlenty did not seem phony in it and seemed in place. Pawlenty did not scream into the camera or do something cheeky or gimmicky to get the attention of the viewer.

Pawlenty came across as being comfortable in his own skin in the video, and that made the message that he was trying to get across — that he is running for President to restore America and that he is best able to do so because he has a record of revitializing Minnesota’s once stagnant economy — more powerful.

It is a lesson that Team Pawlenty should be aware of as his campaign for President charts its path into more formal waters.

Here’s the video:



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