A Mistake to Exclude Former Muslims From King Hearings

As someone who has encountered radical Islam firsthand, I have admiration and respect for Congressman Peter King and salute him for holding hearings on the “Extent of Radicalization in the American Muslim Community and that Community’s Response.”  However, as a former Muslim, I am disappointed not to have seen anyone testifying on our behalf in the hearings.  At least one former Muslim should have been there to tell America of our plight.  Such witnesses would have explained why we left the Muslim faith right here in the United States and described how we had to choose between radical Islam and loving America.  Unfortunately, not enough attention has been paid to the radicals and jihadists that followed us former Muslims to the United States to force us back into the same old culture of jihad, hatred, and anti-Semitism we came to America to escape in the first place.  While these hearings accomplished much, they overlooked the radicals who want to deny us our freedom of religion under the Constitution and threaten our lives and civil rights daily.

Most former Muslims in the U.S. were originally devoted worshipers at mosques but became dismayed when we discovered a political and jihadist agenda.  In mosques we were told not to assimilate in America, to have more children, and to wear Islamic clothes—even though I had never even worn the traditional garb in the Middle East.  Imams encouraged us to pray wherever we wanted, even if we had to inconvenience others at airports, baseball games, or in workplaces.  It soon became apparent that many mosques in America were more of a political organization than a place of worship, similar to the Middle East.  In these radical mosques, the more pious Muslims were the ones seeking confrontation with American culture, such as taxi drivers who showed offense when alcohol or dogs were brought into their cabs.  Worshipers were told openly that their mission in America was to make Islam the law of the land.  Lying to Americans and feigning offense to conceal their jihadist aspirations was encouraged, and became a perfected art and a religious obligation, further alienating Muslims from American culture.

Many of us former Muslims left the religion precisely because of the radicalization we encountered in America.  But when we dared to stop going to mosques and left Islam altogether, our lives turned into nightmares.  Many former Muslims contact me looking for shelter after their lives have been threatened.  Just a couple of days ago, I was contacted by a 21-year-old Muslim man.  The young man recounted how he departed from Islam years ago, and how he has to hide the Bible from his family and friends.  This came after he received death threats from his own brother, who tried to intimidate him into returning to Islam.  This is just one example of the testimony I have received from many former American Muslims, some of whom are American converts to Christianity, afraid for their lives.  Many have to move from one apartment to the next so they are not found by those who threaten their lives.

Just last year, we heard of the 17-year-old apostate of Islam, Fathima Rifqa Bary, who had to flee her home after her life was threatened by her father and local mosque because she had become a Christian.  There are many Barys in America, where radical Islam is working under the radar to silence and force converts and apostates to return to the Muslim faith, or else.

I am also in contact with apostates in the Middle East.  A student from Yemen told me that when he applied for a Saudi Arabian scholarship to come to the United States, his application was rejected because his beliefs were not radical enough.  He lamented that the recipients of the scholarship were extreme Islamists.  This is a chilling example of the type of people we are giving student visas to.

How can former Muslims live in peace in America when there are Muslim scriptures offered in mosques telling Muslims that it is okay to kill apostates?  The tragedy of apostasy from Islam has taken the lives of some in the West and caused mental and physical abuse for many.  Astonishingly, these are never documented as religious hate crimes.  Part of the jihad doctrine obligates Muslims to wage internal jihad by forcing sharia on Muslim citizens.  Sharia books in mosques across the U.S. tell Muslims they will be forgiven for the murder of an apostate or an adulterer, thus creating vigilante street justice and making honor killing acceptable religiously.

Muslim groups and their American appeasers are up in arms against the King hearings, claiming that Muslims’ civil rights have been violated.  I wonder whose civil rights are being violated in America?  Is it Muslims or former Muslims?