The Long, Hot Wisconsin Summer


Tea Party activists have been arrested after phoning in bomb threats to a state capitol, and locations where prominent Democrat politicians gave speeches.  A massive Tea Party rally left dozens of bullets scattered among the trash it deposited around a state capitol building.

CNN ran an interview with a Democrat who received a note under his office door that said “THE ONLY GOOD DEMOCRAT is a DEAD Democrat.”  Staffers for other liberal politicians have been sent threatening emails laced with homophobic slurs. 

A prominent liberal academic has been told every corner of her city is “occupied” by hostile forces, she can no longer safely “walk the streets of our city,” and her privacy will be relentlessly invaded until she submits to the Tea Party agenda, or leaves town.  When the right-wing blowhard who made these threats was confronted, he babbled something about how a majority has the right to force dissenting minorities to leave the area, if they become sufficiently annoying.

Are you wondering how you missed all the screaming headlines, special comments, and prime-time news specials about this Climate of Hate?  Well, you didn’t miss anything, because all of the above are actually outrages perpetrated against Republicans by union activists and leftists.  Naturally, there has been nearly zero media coverage, no attempt to link these events into some kind of pervasive “climate.”

Since Human Events is a family web site, and many of these threats contain very salty language, I humbly direct you to Deroy Murdock’s excellent roundup at National Review Online, and John Nolte’s comprehensive “20 Days of Left Wing Hate” at Big Government, if you want to read some of this vile crap in the original pottymouthmoronese.  Warning: abundant profanity at both links. 

The academic in the example above is no liberal, but University of Wisconsin law professor and blogger Ann Althouse, who has been pointedly critical of the union thuggery she has extensively documented in Madison.  Over at Big Government, Dan Riehl managed to squeeze an interview out of the unsavory character who tried to intimidate her, Jim Shankman.  Ask yourself: is his theory of the “law of privilege” any different from the long-standing philosophy of the hard Left, or the standard operating procedures of public unions?

Here’s the bottom line about the Left’s new Climate of Hate: President Obama could stop all of this dead in its tracks, with a single press conference.  No mealy-mouthed equivalence about how everyone needs to play nice, just a straightforward declaration that these tactics are unacceptable, perpetrators will be prosecuted, and the union movement brings shame upon itself with such behavior.

There is far too much of it to dismiss the hate as the work of a few fringe loonies.  This is what the dishonest hacks at the New York Times were daydreaming about, in the hours after the Tucson shootings, and it’s coming from the Left.  If President Obama spoke up, all but the fringe loonies would fall into line.  They would have no choice, not only because they can’t afford to be seen as viciously defiant of a liberal President, but because the mainstream media would start treating them the way it doesn’t have to be told to treat conservative and libertarian activists.  Some of the more fevered leftist foot soldiers might respond by angrily directing their threats at the President who had “betrayed the cause”… and that would be the end of them.

The Wisconsin Climate of Hate is the absolute responsibility of the man who could stop it.  This is not a matter of drawing nebulous connections between map symbols and random lunatics, or dismissing an entire philosophy as illegitimate because it has some mystical ability to drive rational people to violence.  The President has a clear duty to put a stop to this madness before it escalates, and the obvious ability to do so.  He doesn’t have to take some kind of humiliating responsibility for it.  He just has to open his mouth and end it. 

Instead, to quote the San Francisco Examiner, the National Labor Relations Board just handed down a ruling – co-authored by a board member who is a former SEIU lawyer Obama pushed into position with a recess appointment – that says “what constitutes a threat of violence is now to be determined by the application of a complicated set of bureaucratic criteria, which inevitably will require massive administrative litigation before a decision is rendered.”  The Examiner editors conclude, “That’s just another way of inviting union thugs to have at it without fear of consequences.”   In Wisconsin, a lot of union operatives and allies have been happy to accept this invitation.



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