Vote for Your Favorite DemaGoat

Who’s more revolting, Michael Moore or Barney Frank?  We know, we know—that’s like asking you which poison you prefer.

But here’s your chance to choose the most rotten grapes on the Left, and, by doing so, participate in HUMAN EVENTS’ first user-generated cover story.  We’re calling it DemaGoats.  And we need your input.

We’ve boiled down the list of “targets” to 20, which, given the pervasive leftist presence in the world, was itself a tall feat.  Pick your favorite bad guy and tell us why he’s the worst in the comments section.  And if there’s someone that you think should be on the list but isn’t, use the comments section to tell us.  Sound off.  Who knows, your snappy observation may make it into our print edition.

Have at it!  The poll is below.

1.  Harry Reid: America’s boxing mayor who thinks you go to work each day for the federal government to subsidize “cowboy poetry festivals.”

2.  Matt Damon: At first, a huge Obama zombie who said a Palin presidency would be the equivalent of a “real bad Disney movie.”  But now, his trance has lifted because Obama hasn’t soaked the rich—i.e. Hollywood celebrities—to Damon’s satisfaction.

3.  Sean Penn:  What dictator’s butt hasn’t he puckered his lips up to?  Chavez, Castro, Gaddafi—I’m sure we’re missing another five oppressive totalitarians.

4.  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad:  His savage anti-Semitism aside, here’s a madman who will simultaneously praise Egyptian protesters yearning for democracy while he axes to death his own people who also seek freedom and self-determination.

5.  Nancy Pelosi:  It would be mean to mention her plastic face.  So we won’t.  Under Madam’s strong-arming, we’re now stuck with an insidious health care law that even she admits no one read.

6.  Michael Moore:  There’s nothing like a millionaire left-wing slob trying to pretend that he’s one of the common folk, waddling around the capital of Wisconsin with a ceremonial 1960s bullhorn.

7.  Bill Keller:  He’s the editor of the liberal line-setting New York Times.  And we could stop there.  But we won’t.  He recently blasted Fox News viewers as “among the most cynical people on Planet Earth.”

8.  Eric Holder:  When he’s not busy forcing affirmative-action policies on the Dayton, Ohio, police department, the U.S. attorney general is scheming to come up with ways to bestow judicial rights on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other bloodthirsty terrorists.

9.  Janet Napolitano:  The Homeland Security head still hasn’t made up her mind whether or not white Christians or Islamic radicals pose a greater threat to America’s security.

10.  Paul Krugman:  To this New York Times “intellectual,” the vaunted stimulus package failed because the initial $800 billion of government spending was too little.

11.  Chris Rock:  Bone-crushing deficits and super-charged government intervention aren’t motivating the Tea Party.  Nope.  It’s “racism,” says this Tinseltown buffoon, adding that the grassroots activists “are going crazy. They’re insane.”

12.  Eugene Robinson:  Never to be bested in erroneously playing the race card against the Tea Party seems the goal of this Washington Post columnist.  Said Robinson:  “I ask myself what’s so different about Obama, and the answer is pretty obvious:  He’s black.”

13.  Chris Matthews:  MSNBC drone.

14.  Lawrence O’Donnell: Also an MSNBC drone. 

15.  Rachel Maddow:  See above.

16.  Arianna Huffington:  Founder of the Democratic National Committee’s media apparatus, the Huffington Post.  Also responsible for flushing AOL’s stock down the toilet.

17.  Barney Frank It’s not that he had at one point a brothel running out of his basement.  And it’s not that he looks like a train wreck (he does).  Frank’s a potential DemaGoat for stuffing his campaign coffers with Fannie Mae dough while he turned a blind eye toward the agency’s corruption that helped bring down the economy.

18.  Katie Couric:  Where to begin with the aging CBS anchor?  How about we settle on her asinine comment that we need a Muslim version of “The Cosby Show” to address the alleged bigotry behind the opposition to building a monster mosque at Ground Zero.

19.  George Soros.  Much of the country’s left-wing operations would have to shut down if this billionaire withdrew his funding.

20.  Rep. Henry Waxman:  It’s almost impossible to find an awful bill that has passed Congress that this California leftist wasn’t behind.




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