Election Fraud In Michigan

WJBK, the Fox News affiliate in Detroit, reports that “Two former leaders of the Oakland County Democratic Party are facing a total of nine felonies for allegedly forging election paperwork to get fake Tea Party candidates on November’s ballot.”

Mike McGuiness and Jason Bauer, formerly the chairman and operations director of the Oakland Democratic Party respectively, stand accused of creating phony Tea Party candidates in 23 statewide races during the 2010 midterm elections.  The idea was to drain Tea Party votes into these fake candidates, diluting the opposition to their Democrat opponents.  The decoy candidates were real people.  Some of them only discovered they had been placed on the ballot when they started receiving delinquency notices for incomplete paperwork.

Oakland County Sherriff Michael Bouchard is not amused by these antics.  “What we have here is illegal,” he told WJBK.  “It’s forgery.  It’s fraud.  It’s perjury.”

It’s also a harbinger of things to come.  Take a look at the circus of hatred, violence, and death threats in Wisconsin, and imagine that circus rolling into every hotly contested district in the country, when control of the Senate and the fate of the First Black President are on the line. 

What these clowns in Michigan did was an easy act of political vandalism, especially since the Tea Party is a widely dispersed movement without a strong central organization.  The Democrat Party relies heavily on electoral fraud in the best of times.  During a desperate political struggle against an upstart, grassroots organization, whose members are portrayed as blithering idiots in Democrat mythology, electoral sabotage became a very appealing tactic.

Harry Reid is the most infamous perpetrator, although he has maintained a paper-thin layer of deniability because his big-money supporters did all the dirty work, creating phony Tea Party candidate Scott Ashjian to draw votes away from Sharron Angle.  Reid was able to win re-election, although Asjian only took 0.8% of the vote.

Incumbent Democrat Congressman John Adler in New Jersey also tried to create a fake Tea Party candidate, but was ratted out by uneasy staffers.  He was ultimately defeated by Republican Jon Runyan. 

Steve Pougnet, the Democrat mayor of Palm Springs, California, paid for a phone blitz of Republican voters to steer their votes away from incumbent Republican congresswoman Mary Bono Mack, who he was trying to replace, and into the campaign of real-but-doomed Constitution Party candidate Bill Lussenheide.  It didn’t work, as Mary Bono Mack remains the representative from California’s 45th Congressional District. 

You will see more of these frauds and dirty tricks in the next election, unless the Michigan vandals are convicted and hit with sentences strong enough to scare other Democrats away from emulating them.  Our election system is a broken-down joke, a pothole-ridden dirt road in the middle of the Information Superhighway, because there has been very little penalty for fraud perpetrated by the media’s chosen Party. 

Imagine the outrage if a Republican in Harry Reid’s position had secured re-election after sponsoring a decoy candidate, or the front-page headlines that would announce the prosecution of top GOP campaign operatives for corrupting at least 23 statewide races.  The media won’t do anything to provoke that level of anger against Democrats.  Go around them, spread the word, and be provocative.  2012 will only be a clean election if voters of all parties demand it, without compromise.


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