Donald Trump: American Airports are "Third World"

Donald Trump’s no fan of President Bush. That’s for sure.

“George Bush gave us Obama,” the real estate tycoon told HUMAN EVENTS emphatically.  “I have nothing against George Bush, but ultimately, what did he do?  He gave us Obama, and he gave us ObamaCare.”

Trump’s also not fond of President Bush’s two wars.  “We won” in terms of a war, he states, “but now we’ve got to police their streets.  We’ve got to police their country.”

“I want to build our highways.  When I look at airports in China, at airports in Abu Dhabi and Qatar and the different places, [and then] you land in New York, at LaGuardia Airport, at Kennedy Airport, it’s like a Third World airport system.”

Many Americans can agree with those sentiments.  America should build up … America.

But here’s another primary hurdle he’d have to cross.  A number of Republican primary voters still like President George W. Bush even though they strongly object to the former President’s binge spending.  Plus, to his credit, Bush believed that ousting Saddam Hussein and invading Iraq would help prevent another 9/11-style attack on American soil.  Thus far, he’s been correct.

Trump, however, not only believes that the former President was mistaken on various issues, but he called him “evil” and said he “lied” about those weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.  At one point, Trump indicated that he was disappointed that Nancy Pelosi didn’t initiate impeachment hearings against Bush.

Did Bush lie or was he ill-informed?

“Whether he was badly informed or lying, I think lying is a step worse, but maybe badly informed is a step worse.”

The aftermath of Iraq especially vexes The Donald.  “Iraq now is a breeding ground for terrorists.  It’s called the Harvard University of terrorism,” he said, adding, “We’ve totally de-neutered [Iraq], and as soon as we leave, Iran is going to take over the oil.”

“But they won’t be doing it if I’m President. I can tell you right now,” Trump declared with the bluster that only he can get away with.

And speaking of “oil,” Trump argued that Iraq should reimburse the cost of America’s liberation effort.  “We spent $1.4 trillion on that war.  They have $15 trillion worth of oil.  Why aren’t we taking our money back, why aren’t we getting it back?”

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