Guns to Gaza


The Israeli Defense Force boarded a German-owned, Liberian-flagged cargo ship in the Mediterranean today, which was riding a bit low in the water due to the tons of weapons stashed in her hold. 

The ultimate destination for these weapons was the Gaza Strip.  According to an Associated Press report, the goodies included several Chinese-made C-704 missiles, which could be used to attack naval forces from shore.  Israel has blockaded shipments into Gaza ever since the Hamas terror organization took power, in an effort to slow down the flow of weapons.  Anti-ship missiles would make blockade duty a bit more exciting for Israeli sailors.

The instruction manuals for these weapons were written in Farsi, the language of Iran, which should come as no surprise.  Iran has been pumping weapons to Hamas for years.  The Israelis were grimly satisfied to have a new batch of hard evidence for this pipeline.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared, “The only certain thing is the source of the weaponry was Iran, and there was a Syrian relay station as well.” 

The Palestinian leadership spends an awful lot of money on weapons.  They must not have much left over for high-speed rail, and other vital job-creating programs.  It makes you wonder how many tons of munitions have escaped Israeli detection, and exactly what they’re planning to do with all those guns.