Trump Would Bag Billions From China to Fund U.S. Entitlement Programs

If he decides to run for president, cutting government spending or reforming our insolvent entitlement programs won’t be at the top of Donald Trump’s list. In fact, he intends to keep the government gravy train running by squeezing billions of dollars from other countries, The Donald told Human Events in an exclusive interview.

“[Candidates] aren’t talking about entitlements; they’re not talking about it because they’re afraid to talk about it for political reasons,” Trump explained. “I wouldn’t talk about it because I’ll be able to get so much money” from China, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and other nations who are treating America as a “whipping post for the world.”

“I would strongly be in favor of having countries that are ripping us off contribute hundreds of billions of dollars back into this economy,” he added.

The real estate tycoon also unloaded on Russia for what he regards as that country’s ongoing disrespect of the United States.  “I see us being totally manipulated and controlled by Russia telling us how many missiles to make and when to make them.  Since when does Russia start telling this country what we can produce in terms of the military?”

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