March of the Solidarity Cows


Among the most unforgettable images of union lunacy from Wisconsin is this video of protesters dressed as cows and carrying placards spelling out “SOLIDARITY,” posted by Ann Althouse on YouTube:

It’s refreshing to see them do something funny, as a break from their usual pattern of issuing death threats, drawing chalk outlines of Governor Scott Walker’s murdered corpse, and portraying everyone who disagrees with them as Nazis or Klansmen.

You might survey these colorful antics and wonder who could possibly be persuaded to take the union’s side by such a mixture of comedy and outrage.  It’s a good rule of thumb that anyone who thinks Hitler is the only person who could possibly disagree with them has dug a deep foxhole on the losing side of an argument.

The point of all this is not persuasion, but intimidation.  No thinking taxpayer would be eager to support the continued looting of a bankrupt state, with vast new taxes looming on the horizon, to fund the diamond-studded results of collective bargaining by public unions.  The unions don’t want Wisconsin taxpayers to think, and they really don’t need their “support.”  They require only their submission and silence.

How are people in cow costumes supposed to be “intimidating,” you might ask?  What about the pitiful spectacle of protesters being dragged from the Wisconsin Assembly ahead of its vote last week?  That should have come with a laugh track.

The answer is that intimidation doesn’t necessarily require fear.  It most urgently requires a sense of isolation among its targets. 

The working people of Wisconsin are watching the progress of the protest movement on TV, when they get home from their jobs.  There have been some Tea Party-inspired counter-protests, but for the most part, ordinary taxpayers don’t have time to put on costumes and march around making demands.  The goal of the unions is to make sure that every time they watch the news, they see a huge, angry crowd.

In order to keep manufacturing those big crowds and grabbing headlines, the unions have to keep their people worked up.  That became especially tricky after Governor Walker signed his budget legislation, which cleared the Senate and Assembly despite hysterical, and occasionally illegal, efforts from the unions and their wholly-owned Democrat representatives.  The sight of the fourteen fleebagger Democrats limping home in defeat was bound to be demoralizing. 

That is why it’s time to unleash the Solidarity Cows.  These people are not talking to you.  They’re talking to each other.  They just need Wisconsin taxpayers to sit home and feel surrounded by their numbers, and overwhelmed by their passion.  It takes a lot of smoke and mirrors to intimidate a majority.