Finding Marizela Perez


Marizela Perez is a University of Washington student, and the cousin of conservative columnist Michelle Malkin.  She disappeared on Saturday, March 5.  Her last known location was the University District Safeway on 4732 Brooklyn Avenue NE in Seattle, where she appears on security camera video at around 2:20 PM Pacific time.

Her family has been desperately searching for her throughout the past week.  They have prepared a missing persons flyer, which you can download here.  The flyer includes photos of Marizela, a description of her clothing and effects, and serial number information for the Macbook Pro and cell phone she was carrying.

Michelle Malkin has been co-ordinating search efforts through her website,  You can check there for frequent updates as the search progresses.

The world is gripped by deep sorrow today.  If you live in the Seattle area, and you have any information on the whereabouts of Marizela Perez, you can ease the sorrow of this terrified family, and perhaps transform it into joy.  Her voice would be the music of Heaven to the people who love her right now, and you could help arrange that symphony with a simple phone call to the Seattle Police District Missing Persons Bureau at (206) 684-5582.