Mindless Push for 'Diversity' in the Military Won't Win Wars

There are too many white men in the U.S. military.
So says a report released this week by the Military Leadership Diversity Commission (MLDC), commissioned by Congress to examine ways to “increase diversity” in the military.  The MLDC report finds that 77% of active-duty senior officers are white, 8% black, 5% Hispanic, and 16% women (of unspecified race).

What’s the answer to this “problem”?  Is the MLDC recommending that white males stop volunteering for military service?  Do they want to start “selecting” who among them volunteers for service?  Are they recommending that there be quotas for military service, as with the public university system?  Or maybe the MLDC is going to recommend a mandatory draft for minorities and females until “diversity” is achieved?

The military is currently all-volunteer.  If there are “too many” white males, the obvious reason is because white males volunteer proportionately more than other races and women.
If we can mandate voter registration at the local Department of Motor Vehicles (making it a whole lot easier for illegals to vote), why not mandate military recruiters at every high school graduation in Compton, Stockton, and Detroit?  With recruitment brochures in 26 languages, of course.  Why not set up recruitment offices within welfare offices and in unemployment offices?
The MLDC report makes 20 recommendations.  Including “outreach” to “minority” communities to increase the eligibility pool, requiring “diversity strategic plans” in every command, making diversity a “priority,” and requiring an official explanation when a “minority” or a woman is not nominated to a 3- or 4-star rank.
The report states, “Leveraging diversity as a vital strategic military resource will require the commitment, vision, and know-how of leaders at every level.  Without this commitment to instill respect for diversity as a core value, the needed cultural change may not take place.”

For starters, the MLDC calls for affirmative action for non-white, non-male people in the military.  It’s no longer about training the best warriors.  It’s about giving an advantage in promotion based on skin color.  In other words, it is about racism
What an insult to the many black and Hispanic warriors serving in the military today.
Here is what the MLDC needs to understand.  These young men and women are American patriots.  Differences among them imposed by silly civilian, politically correct nonsense doesn’t count when the bullets start flying.

Thank you, MLDC, but the last thing unit cohesion and military preparedness needs is the creation of yet another reminder of differences and divisions among the troops.
Ask a hero like retired Army Col. Allen West (now, praise God, Congressman West), what he thinks of bringing “diversity” training into the military.  I’m guessing that this third generation Army veteran of African-American descent will tell you (in colorful language) that the Army needs more warriors of whatever color.

Which brings me to the NBA.  By the standards of the MLDC, the NBA violates diversity.  There are just too many blacks.  Team owners should justify in writing exactly what efforts they have made to ensure diversity by making room for whites, Asians, Hispanics, etc., on each of their teams.

Of course this is nonsense.  The NBA signs up talent to win games, which in turn puts paying fans in the seats and makes money.  Owners couldn’t care less what race the players happen to be, as long as they shoot and score.

And what about National Public Radio?  Applying the MLDC standard, are there too many whites at NPR?  On my last visit to the NPR station in Washington, D.C., even the receptionist was white.
I’ll bet the percentage of white upper management at NPR exceeds the 77% that got MLDC to conclude there were too many whites in the military.  Should Congress defund NPR—and then set up a Commission to examine the diversity— there?

The U.S. military is established in the Constitution to protect and defend the country.  Obsessing about the skin color or gender of the nation’s defenders interferes with the ability to win wars and protect this country.
The MLDC report deserves the round file treatment, to be remembered as the high watermark of political correctness run amok.