Barack Obama: Union Organizer

Even as greedy public employee unions turn state capitols into battleground, in a desperate attempt to keep taxpayers from rescinding the spoils of collective bargaining, President Barack Obama is overseeing the largest public union organizing attempt in history.

If you were thinking that the last thing air travelers, and the American taxpayer, need on their hands is unionized airport security screeners, you should know that your President is working very hard to bring them to you.  As Kimberly Strassel of the Wall Street Journal reports, “Tens of thousands of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screeners are now casting votes to choose a union to collectively bargain for cushier personnel practices on their behalf.”

The Transportation Security Agency was organized after the security failures leading to the 9/11 attacks, driven by the odd conviction that federalizing an operation makes it better.  At the time, loud promises were made that this massive new federal workforce would never be given collective bargaining rights.  That was a long time ago, and unions are the absolute priority of Democrat politicians, so President Obama has assured federal employee union bosses that “collective bargaining rights and workplace protections” are coming soon for the TSA.  The unions paid a lot of money to put Obama in the White House.  It’s payback time.

Naturally, TSA brass has concluded this would be a splendid idea, so Americans will soon enjoy airport massages and genital X-rays from the proud members of a gigantic new public union.  Bidding for their votes, the American Federation of Government Employees promised to bring the power of collective bargaining to bear on “leave restriction, parking subsidies, uniforms,” and of course compensation and benefits.  I’m sure that won’t cost the American taxpayer a dime, and we’ll all be delighted with the new standards of efficiency and courtesy unions bring to airports, which really needed to become more like the Capitol building in Wisconsin.


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