AUDIO: Epic Winning At The Sober Valley Lodge

Welcome to Season 4 of The Fox and Rice Experience.  We’re all very excited to be back, but only half as excited as Jose Feliciano and President Bama.  Where do we even begin with Charlie Sheen?  We begin, and end, EPIC.  He’s become a modern day Dionysus, delivering each day to us humans a new installment of epiphany, ritual madness, and ecstasy.  Let the Bacchanal begin!  FRX encourages you to ditch the beach and Disneyworld this summer, and bring your family instead to the Sober Valley Lodge.  Like the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, and Fenway Park, everyone should see it at least once.  And if you REALLY love your time at Charlie’s Whorehouse, stay and apply for an internship to run the high priest’s social network!  Non-warlocks need not apply.  So, come out to the coast, and experience the Sober Valley Lodge.  All of your dreams will be fulfilled…when you click the player.

The Fox and Rice Experience: Sober Valley Lodge by HumanEvents