Peace and Love in Wisconsin


The reaction of public unions, and their representatives in the Democrat Party, to the Republican passage of Governor Walker’s budget repair bill in Wisconsin last night have been… spirited.

Fox News reports that spectators in the gallery screamed “You cowards!” as the state Senate passed the legislation.  Presumably they were yelling into their cell phones and trying to overcome the poor line quality at the Illinois motels where Democrat legislators have been hiding for the past few weeks.

Angry crowds of union thugs and students poured into the Capitol after the bill was passed.  Robert Cost of National Review Online was told by a Republican senator that a mob formed at the Capitol exits, and they were “literally trying to break the windows of the cars we were in as we were driving away.”  The senator has received phone threats saying he should be beaten with a club and “executed.”

Things are more orderly in the capitol this morning.  Only a few protesters remain, wrapped in sleeping bags and tossing their way through horrible nightmares of being forced to survive on benefits and compensation that are only 100% better than those of the taxpayers.  In the morning, they will have to rise and deal with a world in which their collective bargaining privileges are only slightly superior to those of 25 states and the federal government.

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air speculates that since teachers used up most of their sick days during earlier protests (with fraudulent notes from union-friendly doctors, and possibly Epstein’s Mother), they won’t be able to marshal the manpower for any more large-scale demonstrations, or to carry out a rumored threat to block business in the state Assembly, which is scheduled up the budget repair bill today.   Also, some of them might be attending President Barack Obama’s conference on bullying in schools today.  Yes, he really is doing that.  If only irony were one of the “alternative energy sources” we’d been developing.

The Right Scoop has collected a gallery of Twitter death threats against Governor Walker, state senators, and new RNC head Reince Priebus over at his blog.  Reince Priebus?  Really?  He wasn’t even the RNC head when you lost the last election, you Stalinist pinheads.  You should be directing your hate speech against Michael Steele. 

One of these charming folks mistakenly attributes a comment from Wisconsin Secretary of Agriculture Ben Brancel, who referred to the union assault on Scott Walker as a “holocaust” and later apologized for his choice of words, to Governor Walker himself.  The suggested penalty for this comment someone else made is for Governor Walker to be starved, shoved in filthy shacks with a hundred other people, and watching while his family is killed.

The fugitive Democrats have not taken their defeat well… but, of course, we already knew they don’t handle defeat well.  From his spider hole in Illinois, Wisconsin Senate Democrat leader Mark Miller promised the fleebaggers would “join the people of Wisconsin in taking back their government,” which means he would be “taking it back” from the voters who trashed his party in free and fair elections.  Fox News notes that he didn’t say exactly when he’d be coming back to “join the people of Wisconsin.”  I suppose that depends on whether his hotel in Illinois offers express check-out, and if he has any pay-per-view charges to settle.

Miller also told the Associated Press that “in 30 minutes, 18 state senators undid 50 years of civil rights in Wisconsin.”  Civil rights?  How’s that grab you, black voters of Wisconsin?  This boob thinks his battle to preserve the lavish benefits of his union allies, and keep their cash flowing into the Democrat Party, is not only equivalent to the struggle for civil rights but synonymous with it.

It’s all over in Wisconsin except for the shouting, some hurried Photoshop efforts to produce new protest signs, and a filibuster in the Assembly.  The first great battle in the War On Taxpayers is a defeat for the public unions and the Democrat Party, and a victory for the responsible government they have vowed to fight at all costs.

Update: Wisconsin news radio 620 WTMJ is reporting that State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald has declared the state capitol building “unsafe.”  Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald is warning his members “not to enter the building until we get word that it is safe.”  He claims that Democrat staffers opened windows to give protesters access to the interior of the capitol building.

Update: There are reports that police are physically dragging protesters out of the Assembly chamber.  Meanwhile, Charlie Sykes of 620 WTMJ has posted the text of a detailed death threat against Wisconsin Republicans, which says that bomb have been planted to kill them, along with their families.