Teamster Threatens To Break Camerman's Neck


Yesterday was a lovely day in Columbus, Ohio.  The sun was shining, the breeze was crisp, birds were singing, and union thugs were marching around the state capitol, demanding the “right” to squeeze more platinum benefits out of taxpayers.

His heart swelling with the high spirits of the day, Tea Party activist Andrew Staroska, chief operating officer of The Truth About Bills, decided to bring a camera to the protests and gain understanding of the union perspective through constructive dialogue.  You probably already know where this is going, but stick with me until we get to the embedded video.

According to their mission statement, the folks at The Truth About Bills believe in “smaller government, fiscal responsibility, individual rights, respect for the Constitution, support for the free market, congressional accountability, and shooting people who resist their religious agenda.”  Actually that last one isn’t on their website – I think I heard it from an NPR executive.

At any rate, Mr. Staroska is willing to stick his neck out for what he believes… and as you can see below, a union thug was willing to break it.

As you can tell from his jacket, this friendly fellow is a member of the Teamsters.  Staroska did not provoke him in any way.  He just showed up with a camera.  Many other incidents of violence, and violent threats, have been documented during the recent union “resurgence,” along with vicious hate speech.  Union goons have learned that the public grows restless when it sees how they operate.  It’s only important for Republican lawmakers in state capitols to see them, and be intimidated.

Intimidation is the primary tactic of a union.  They can only survive by preventing non-union workers from competing with them and undercutting the elevated cost of their labor.  If they can’t use the compulsive force of government to achieve this legally, they have to take matters into their own hands.  Nothing they have done over the last few weeks is surprising or unpredictable.  No one should be surprise when a group acts according to its nature, using the most effective means it can get away with to accomplish its most vital objectives.

Collective bargaining by public employees is not a “right” – using that term is the greatest act of sophistry in modern politics.  It is a privilege, and a fabulously expensive one.  The people in states like Wisconsin and Ohio have voted for representatives who see the financial necessity of restricting this privilege.  Unions can only fight back by intimidating Republican lawmakers, intimidating voters, and commanding their bought-and-paid-for Democrat representatives to short-circuit democracy.  Those are ugly tactics.  It’s not surprising they would threaten to break your neck, if you capture them on video.