The End of NPR

Conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe gets his camera into the most interesting places.  The other day, he slipped it into a lunch meeting between National Public Radio executives and two men they believed were representatives of a Muslim Brotherhood front group.

As reported by Matthew Boyle at The Daily Caller, the NPR executives were not at all suspicious of these “Muslim Brotherhood” agents, who said they wanted to donate $5 million to counter “Zionist coverage” that is “quite substantial elsewhere” in the media.  They came equipped with a fake website that announces their goal as “spreading acceptance of shari’a law throughout the world.” 

NPR senior executive Ron Schiller was happy to help.  He nodded uncritically when it was suggested that “Jews do kind of control the media,” and compared the struggle of Muslims to make their voices heard “in our schools, on the air” to (of all things) the women’s suffrage movement.  “It’s the same thing we faced as a nation when we didn’t have female voices,” he asserted.  Of course,  there are plenty of female voices heard in the Muslim Brotherhood.  They sound like Kenny from “South Park” because they’re muffled by burkas, but if you listen carefully, you can almost make out what they’re saying.

While Schiller was strongly supportive of the quest to spread the good news about shari’a law, they had nothing but scorn for the Tea Party movement and conservatives in general.  According to Schiller, the Tea Party is a “radical, racist, Islamophobic” movement that has “hijacked” the Republican Party.  I hate it when a group of fine, peace-loving people is hijacked by a tiny minority of extremists.

Upon reflection, Schiller realized that the Tea Party is not just Islamophobic, but xenophobic.  “Really xenophobic.”  They’re the “white, gun-toting” hellspawn of “Middle America,” a gang of “scary” and “seriously racist people.”  I paraphrase because Schiller sounds like a gibbering loon when he talks.  He’s practically foaming at the mouth.

Of course, Schiller hastened to assure his “Muslim Brotherhood” donors that his network was proud to rid itself of the scourge of Juan Williams, who is a scary gun-toting seriously racist guy, beneath his affable exterior.  Amazingly, he justifies this ideological purge by saying that “if a person expresses his or her opinion, which anyone is entitled to do in a free society, they are compromised as a journalist.”  Then he ordered a big bowl of chocolate cherry journalistic compromise for desert.

The most outrageous thing about Schiller’s diatribe is not its bigotry, but its lazy cluelessness.  There isn’t a mind-numbing morsel of liberal conventional wisdom he hasn’t fully digested.  He even characterized the Tea Party as a band of “fundamentalist Christians” who are “fanatically involved in people’s personal lives,” a caricature no one who had even the slightest contact with the Tea Party would believe.  They’re fiscal conservatives whose primary issue is uncontrolled federal spending.  Schiller appears to understand very little about the world his network is charged with covering.

The Washington Times noted yesterday that the furious efforts of PBS and NPR to keep the taxpayer subsidies coming may run afoul of laws that forbid organizations that receive federal money from using it to lobby for more federal money.  Interestingly, Schiller boasted to his lunch companions that NPR would be “better off in the long run without federal funding.”  It’s high time we put that to the test.  Let him turn out the lights on his hateful little tax-money sinkhole after he cleans out his desk.