Gas Price Increases Are Intentional

Gas prices continue to go up.  When George W. Bush was President of the United States, Democrats constantly demanded he open the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to help lower prices.  Some even wanted a temporary suspension of the gas tax.  With Obama?  Crickets.

Why the hypocrisy?  It is very simple to understand. 

The left knew that George W. Bush was not a fan of their green agenda.  The green agenda consists of coal powered cars, urban living,  and punitive measures to stop that mythical force known as global warming . . . or climate change depending on what day it is.

Barack Obama buys the agenda hook, line, and sinker.

The left could use gas prices as a political wedge issue against George W. Bush because they knew he did not actually want higher gas prices.  Barack Obama, on the other hand, wants higher gas prices.   His Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, wants the same.  Chu is on record saying, “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.”  Therefore, gas prices will go up and the left will silently cheer the economic disaster befalling us.

There are two reasons gas prices must go up.  The first is to get people into coal powered cars.  Coal powered cars can only be driven around 40 miles before they must be plugged back into the grid for more coal power.  If everyone moves to coal powered cars, the drivers will be forced to live closer to cities.

Living closer to cities will increase urban density and decrease the supposedly anti-environmental impact of strip mall exurban utopias.  In the liberal reorganization of society, only farmers should live in rural areas.

Once urban density is increased to European levels, then Barack Obama and the left can finally make a viable case for high-speed rail.  There are, after all, two things high-speed rail supporters admit they need for viability: (1) high urban density and (2) high gas prices.  Hmmm . . .

See, it is not a conspiracy on Barack Obama’s part.  There is no secret.  This President and those he surrounds himself with actively want high gas prices.  They either do not care or are oblivious to the fact that high gas prices will wreak further havoc on the economy.

They look at Europe with its high gas prices and high-speed trains and they see nirvana.  They willfully ignore the high rate of unemployment among the young, bankrupted social welfare programs, and growing immigrant slums. 

These people are not fools. They want a world where we all live in big cities and use the sun and wind to run our lives — a return to the 14th century with 21st century hygiene. To get that to happen, gas prices must go up.

Barack Obama does not care about what is happening in the Middle East. He does not care about the cost to you to fill up your car with gas. Because the more you pay through Mid-East turmoil and inaccessible American oil deposits, the sooner his future of coal powered cars and high-speed trains can arrive.

This is an Obama created crisis he wants to make sure does not get wasted.  That you and I are forced to relive the golden age known as the Carter Administration is not his concern.