Obama Never Fails to Disconnect

In the 2008 presidential primaries, Hillary Clinton pointed to Obama’s inexperience by asking who was better equipped to handle the “3 in the morning” phone call Presidents get.

Today it is increasingly and depressingly clear that Obama is inept and fumbling no matter what time of day the call comes.

From gas prices, unemployment, and federal spending to Gitmo, the BP oil spill, and Gaddafi—every challenge yet has caught Obama by surprise and resulted in embarrassing gaffes, late reactions, contradictory statements, phony photo ops, and phony-baloney plans that inevitably require later revision.

Only continued media protection has kept Obama from the full force of American public scorn for his record.

Look at a few examples.

The “Keynes on hallucinogenics” theory of economics (espoused by liberal economist Paul Krugman and other Keynesian acolytes) is not leading to a recovery in the American economy.  Obama’s promise that bad debt dragging down the economy would be solved by more bad debt caused by record federal deficit spending is spectacularly wrong. 

Obama apparently equates “recovery” with expanding government, and “employment” with more government workers, turning Ronald Reagan’s truth (government is the problem, not the solution) on its head.

Americans out of work because of this nonsense number in the millions—the highest sustained unemployment rate (even with an undercount) in 60 years. 

Is it just “You Always Hurt the One You Love”?  Obama’s failed economic policies have hurt the most those American “working families” he always claims to care the most about.

Nowhere is this wrongheadedness as blatant as in the current Obama disinterest in the skyrocketing price of gasoline and electricity.

My local gas station is heading toward $4 a gallon for regular, fast.  It’s broad daylight.  The phone is ringing, Mr. President. 

So far the Obama answer is to stop oil drilling wherever he can—even after two illegal drilling moratoria in the Gulf, only one permit has been issued and thousands of rigs and workers are still idled.  “Drill-ready” operations in Alaska have been halted, coal leases revoked, shale oil and gas deposits put off-limits, and offshore oil drilling plans canceled. 

Wrong answer, Mr. President.

In a world where oil demand raises the oil supply price and where instability in oil-exporting countries compounds the problem, how does it help to reduce domestic oil, gas, and coal production?

Obama’s anti-energy policies will kill what’s left of our economy and precipitate the next downward spiral in every American’s standard of living.

Obama appointed a debt commission to help find a way out of the biggest squeeze ever—exploding Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security costs, just as the federal government has run out of money.

The commission labored mightily and produced a report that should have set off a national debate.  It didn’t.  Obama ignored the report.

The President is more interested in tinkering around the edges, pretending he’s concerned, snipping a little here and there, then having Motown in for a party at the White House. 

The phone rang, Obama answered, “Wrong number” and hung up.

Remember Obama’s plan to bring Gitmo terrorist prisoners to Illinois?  Even his home state said, “Hell no.”  And where’s the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed? 

What happened to the War on Terror, oops, I mean the War on Misguided Individuals Who Don’t Share Our Values But It Has Nothing to Do With Them Being Muslim.  “Sorry.  Wrong number again.”

Now Gaddafi.  Obama had a statement on the earthquake in New Zealand out days faster than his reaction to the Libyan dictator slaughtering Libyans who opposed him.  What was the internal debate about?  What took so long?  And who booked George Soros‘ yacht for the evacuation of Americans stranded in Libya when the jets were strafing the neighborhood?

Is the President’s phone now answered by a call center in India?

Hillary Clinton fared no better.  You’d think State or Defense would have contingency plans on Libya somewhere in the tens of thousands of employees at these bloated agencies.  Sure doesn’t look like they do.  Hillary’s plea to the “international community” has resulted in predictable hand-wringing and Chinese backstabbing, but little else. 

When David Cameron is the strongest critic of Gaddafi on the international stage, you know we (and the Libyans) are in deep trouble.

Obama’s foreign policy, to the extent that one can be divined, appears to be to snub and denounce America’s friends, and appease, placate, and bow to adversaries. 

Dictators the world over, rejoice.  You have nothing to fear from American imperialism anymore.  Let the strafing begin.  All phone calls to the White House will be answered by a taped message from the President indicating his deep concern and desire for a more “civil tone.”

Here at home, the usual media report as though all is well, and act as though the emperor is clothed.  The American people watch with horror as the President acts like a streaker running across the football field at halftime.

The lights are on at the White House, the phone is ringing.  There’s no one home.