You Are Effin Dead


Last Friday, in the Wisconsin State Assembly, a sixty-hour Democrat filibuster ended with a vote they claim they were too tired to understand.  This prompted Democrat representative Gordon Hintz to turn to Republican Michelle Litjens and shout, “You are f**king dead.”

Hintz is a fine, upstanding statesman, who occasionally wanders into massage parlors which have been caught up in prostitution stings, and is cited for sexual misconduct.  He apologized to Litjens several days later, and she graciously accepted his apology.  In an interview with conservative radio host Laura Ingraham, Litjens remarked that “the Democrats are screaming that we need to be civil towards each other,” but “they’ve been throwing fits on a regular basis looking like a group of toddlers throwing a temper tantrum.”

You would think something like this would be a pretty big story, especially since the union troops Hintz supports are becoming increasingly aggressive in their occupation of the state capitol.  After millions of BTUs worth of hot air were unleashed about “tone” and “civility” in the wake of the Tucson shootings, an actual death threat from an elected representative is a significant event.  No “heat of the moment” defense would be accepted from a Republican under similar circumstances, especially if a male Republican cited for sexual misconduct were threatening a female Democrat.

Amazingly, as Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters documents, there has been a near-total media blackout of this story.  If local conservative talk radio hadn’t made a big deal about it, there would be no national awareness at all… and as of this morning, no major network except Fox has discussed it. 

Maybe it’s not so amazing, since the exact same thing happened in January, when budding netroots superhero Eric Fuller started lobbing death threats at a town hall meeting in Tucson.  The Soros operatives at Media Matters suddenly stopped touting him as an absolute moral authority, and flushed him down the memory hole in unison, while the mainstream press never really talked about him at all.

In both cases, you have inconvenient nut jobs making hash of a Narrative the media regard as Deep Truth, which must not be contradicted by any stories that would confuse the public.  The narrative that would not have survived extensive coverage of Eric Fuller was the “Climate of Hate,” supposedly conjured by conservative witch doctors and beamed directly into Tucson killer Jared Loughner’s skull.  The Narrative in Wisconsin is the “peaceful union protest,” in which the hapless victims of Governor Scott Walker’s heartless evil spend their days handing out cookies and lemonade, while they wait for the public they love and serve to rescue them.

Try swapping Democrats and Republicans in any mainstream press story about the War On Taxpayers, replacing public unions with Tea Party activists, and you won’t be able to get halfway through the article without laughing out loud.  Just try to imagine Republican Gordon Hintz howling death threats laced with profanity after being outmaneuvered by a Democrat majority in the Assembly, while Tea Party activists filled the state capitol with garbage and waved signs comparing the new Democrat governor to Hitler, and cornered a Democrat state senator to intimidate him with vulgar language.  Then imagine this Republican remaining completely anonymous to the audience of ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN five days later.  If you need assistance unleashing your imagination to that degree, contact Dr. Charlie Sheen for a prescription.

You can’t really appreciate the extent of media bias until you chat with someone who only gets their news from the alphabet networks.  The liberal media’s business is making sure people believe certain things, without knowing inconvenient facts.  They are working very hard to make sure nobody knows much about Gordon Hintz.  Otherwise, they might begin wondering why the arbiters of civility – up to and including the President, who was so quick to warn against “vilifying” public unions – have not censured Hintz, or called for his resignation.