A Prodigal Democrat Returns


It appears that one of the 14 fugitive Wisconsin Democrats has returned to the state capitol, heeding Governor Scott Walker’s ultimatum.

A flurry of Twitter messages late Tuesday night heralded the return of Democrat State Senator Tim Cullen, who represents labor union interests in the 15th Senate District surrounding Janesville, Wisconsin. 

A Tuesday piece in the Janesville Gazette described Cullen as “open to some of Governor Scott Walker’s budget proposals.”  The Gazette describes his position as follows:

“Cullen calls Walker’s budget address a good speech, and the goal of getting Wisconsin moving again is shared by everyone.  He does have a lot of questions about the details though.  The Democrat wants to know how it will affect schools, municipalities, and health care.  He says the sticking point is still the proposal to strip public workers of most of their collective bargaining rights.” 

Once he stops babbling about non-existent collective bargaining “rights,” he might just be ready to begin representing all of his constituents again.

Cullen might have a little trouble getting into the Capitol.  Republican State Senator Glenn Grothman was accosted by a screaming mob of union thugs outside the Capitol on Tuesday.  The mob surrounded Grothman and howled profanities at him, until Representative Brett Hulsey of the Wisconsin State Assembly, a Democrat, came to his rescue in a union T-shirt and calmed the crowd.  YouTube video of the incident can be seen here.

I don’t imagine the demonstrators will be pleased to see the first fleebagger break ranks and return to duty, without the permission of union bosses.

As of midnight Tuesday, Cullen’s thirteen Democrat colleagues remain hidden in undisclosed locations outside the states.  Watch for updates if more information on Cullen’s status becomes available in the morning, or more of the fugitive Democrats return.

Update: This morning, the Twitterverse is saying that reports of Tim Cullen’s return have been “refuted.”  He now exists in a quantum state between Illinois and Wisconsin.  If you’re someone who can actually communicate with him – such as liberal reporters, union bosses, and whoever stocks the mini-bar at his undisclosed location – please tell him his taxpaying constituents would like to know where he is, and whether he plans to return to his job any time soon.

Update: In related news, the Associated Press reports that fugitive Indiana Democrat Minority Leader Pat Bauer will return to Indianapolis today for a meeting.  The Illinois hotel industry mourns the possible loss of a good customer.